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Use testing and assessment to understand your corporate profile. Identify your strengths and developmental needs. Align your strengths with your vocation to obtain personal and professional satisfaction. Through coaching, obtain the assistance that you need to develop your skills and receive the coaching you need to remove any obstacles that are preventing you from moving forward.

CORPORATE X-RAY: "JOB MATCH"Ensure candidates have the right personality characteristics, abilities and drives for the positions being filled.

GUIDED MEDIATION: "THE LAWS OF GRAVITY" Assessing entire teams or groups to identify communication and functional difficulties. Working with each individual separately and the team as a whole to establish codes of behavior and ensure more effective working methods are employed.

COACHING:Offer individual assessments and/or executive coaching to promising individuals in order to maximize their potential.

MAXIMIZE RETENTION: Testing for high potentials an organization would like to retain but who are either not in the right position to maximize strengths or are dissatisfied in their current position.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT:Determine an individual's long term potential and match this to their own aspirations.Create a plan that moves employees to their ultimate potential.

SUCCESS PROFILING:Assessments on individuals who are successful in their roles.Identify common themes and similarities to create an ideal candidate profile. Compare potential candidates to this ideal.

REORGANIZING EXISTING TEAMS:Break down departments into roles and tasks.Have assessments completed.Reassign specific tasks to individuals with the strengths to complete them.This will maximize the efficiency of the team and solve inter-departmental difficulties.

SUCCESSION PLANNING: Identify potential successors early on and ensure that you have the right qualified individuals available, trained and prepared to continue the work your executive staff when they are ready to step down or move on.

The process begins with a highly trained assessment professional and proven assessment tools.The pertinent assessment instruments available that pertain to job match include:

Personality traits individuals have an innate predisposition to display certain behavioural traits.Knowing these traits allow us to better predict how an individual will perform in a working environment.

Aptitude an indication of relative strengths and weaknesses in comparison to a norm group.

Motivation factors that increase an individual's motivation to work.

Occupational interests areas to which an individual is naturally drawn or fascinated with.

Assessments integrate some or all of these qualities and provide you with a comprehensive, objective report on your candidate.

True potential gains are maximized when the assessment specialist has an understanding of both the corporate culture and an in-depth knowledge of the skills required for the position being filled.

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