Functional methods to living with your partner;

Pro-Active Counselling

Take Action Now

Couples Counselling:

Take action in your relationship.

Identify concrete steps that can be taken to enhance your relationship.

Identify and understand the issues that make it more difficult to enjoy the relationship that you have with your partner.


1) Typically in every relationship, there are some a few key issues that need to be addressed. These are discovered through discussion and investigation. Identify ABSOLUTE MUSTS and ABSOLUTE MUST NOTS (deal-breakers).

2) Outside of these areas, most issues are less black and white and need to be negotiated. Learn how and when to best discuss issues so that they do not impact or impair your relationship.

3) Identify how your personal history impacts your relationships and figure out how to deal with this with your partner in a supportive manner.

Theravive Counselor