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If you have found this page, you are likely attempting, trying and hoping to end your internal war with food. If this is your goal, I hope these words serve you well and I would be only too happy to assist you on your journey outside the "diet chamber" and into a "guilt-free zone" where you can live your life in a more content manner and reclaim your natural relationship with food, body and self...

Food is a form of energy that is used to fuel the body and also a uniquely powerful stimulus of reward and punishment.Psychologically, dieters feed themselves negative energy by swallowing their food with negative thoughts.

We can learn how to fuel our bodies with positive thoughts and positive energy in order to meet life's challenges with strength and optimism, instead of making eating a challenge in and of itself. We can shift the way we feed our bodies and our minds, from negative to positive, from critical to accepting, from self-destructive to synergistic and from self-deprecating to self-respecting. We can change the direction of our energy so that we can move one step forward, one step upward, one step at a time.

Shift from the negative feedback system that dieting dictates to a more positive relationship with food, body and self.

Achieve body harmony and end your internal struggle with food.

It's about getting free, not getting thin.

We don't need to re-shape our bodies, we need to re-shape our minds and allow our bodies to follow.

Theravive Counselor