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Pro-Active Counselling

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1)Do you experience an internal struggle with food?

2)Do you think about your meals after you have eaten?

3)Do you feel uneasy when you are not on a diet?

4)Do you put dieting rules ahead of your own? own?

5)Do you second guess your food choices?

6) Do you regret your food choices after you have eaten?

7)Do you think about food often? often?

8)Do you wish you could stop thinking about food?

9)Do you have difficulty figuring out when you are hungry?

10)Do you have difficult determining when you are full?

11) Do you over-eat?

12)If you over-eat do you continue to think about food?

13) Do you restrict or under-eat?

14)If you restrict or under-eat, do you continue to think about food?

15)Do you have difficulty being satiated after you have eaten?

16)When you are satiated, do you continue to think about food?

17) Do you feel guilty after you have eaten?

18) Do you judge yourself based on what you have eaten?

19) Do you feel tired often?

20) Is getting enough sleep an issue for you?

21) Is getting enough water an issue for you?

22)Do you have trouble experiencing emotions in the moment?

23)Are your emotional experiences confusing or unsatisfying?

24)Do you have difficulty accepting your body?

25)Do you put a great deal of effort into weight loss or maintenance?

26)Do you wish it was easier to maintain your weight?

27)Do you wish you had more control over your relationship with food?

28)Do you wish you had a different relationship with food?

29)Do you wish you had a different relationship with your body?

30)Do you wish you had a different relationship with yourself?

If you have answered yes to more than five of these questions, you are likely to unnecessarily suffer through some form of NEGATIVE CYCLING with respect to your relationship with food. You will be able to benefit from altering your experiences and obtain some relief from the detrimental thinking that has been disrupting your internal state.


Theravive Counselor