Pro-Active Counselling

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1)Do you experience an unusual amount of anxiety in the workplace?

2)Do you have difficulty not thinking about work?

3)Do you ruminate about work when you are not there?

4)Do you have reactions that are disproportionate to the situation?

5)Do you have negative thoughts surrounding your work and the work of others?

6)Do you have difficulty being yourself at the office?

7)Does your work life affect your home life?

8)Do you find you put on your corporate persona at the office?

9)Do you experience unnecessary stress or anxiety that results in nothing?

10)Does it take a while to relax after work or when on vacation?

11)Once relaxed, is it difficult to go back to work?

12)Are you anxious in the absence of actual work stressors?

13)Are you consistently surprised when you receive feedback from others? Is it better/worse than you anticipated?

14)Do you have difficulty sleeping or want to sleep too much?

15)Do you have difficulty being present in non-work events?

16)Do you leave the office feeling badly about what wasn't done?

17)Do you have difficultly relaxing?

18)Do you feel uneasy when you aren't working or doing something constructive?

19)Do you experience panic attacks?

20)Do you berate yourself for making a mistake?

21)Do you find yourself trying to hide your imperfections?

22)Do you spend a lot of time considering what others think?

23)Are you typically satisfied with your successes?

24)Do you panic when you make a mistake?

25)Do you have difficult saying not to work requests?

26)Do you under/over eat at work?

27)Do you have satisfying relationships outside of work?

28)Do you self-validate your actions at work?

29)Do you rely on feedback from others to determine whether you have done a good job?

30)Do you have difficult achieving a work/life balance?

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